FAQ's - Paying with Credit Cards, Printing Receipts

Frequently Asked Questions

Paying with a credit card:
Click on 'Member Login" button just under logo in top left corner.  Upon logging into the registration system, you will see an "Account Balances" link on the screen.  You can go into system and pay your outstanding balance with a credit card.

I got to the end and it wouldn't accept my credit card: If your card is a combined Debit and Credit card, we are currently unable to accept it.  This is a limitation of our service provider.  We hope to have this changed at some point soon.

Printing Receipts:How to print your receipt in 3 Easy Steps: Login -> Past Registrations -> Print Statement
 1) Login to your Blue Star Sports (formerly Bonzi) user account from www.rcysc.com (see 'Member Login' in top left-hand corner)2) On the Member Account page, click on the Past Registrations button3) Choose the appropriate season such as 2018-2019 Regular Season - PLAYERS, click on Print Statement

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