Frequently Asked Questions
Posted Aug 3, 2013


What age can play soccer?  Children who are turning 4 in this calendar year.  They register as U5.  U means Under. 

When do we start? U5 – U10 teams start the second week of September.  U11 – U18 start play the first weekend of September.

How long is the season? The season ends for U5 – U8 the second week in March.  There will be a Jamboree provided by the Club.  Older teams may play longer depending on their success.  There is a Christmas break mid -December  and restarts the week after the holidays.

What equipment do I need?  Your child will need soccer boots and shin guards.  Jerseys, shorts, and socks are provided by the Club.  Goalkeepers typically provide their own gear at the divisional level (U13 and older).

When do we play?  Boys play on Saturdays, Girls play on Sundays.  U5 – U7 play at the same time and field every week.  U8 play in-house, with a home game time and an away game against another RCYSC U8 team in their time slot every second week.

When do we have to travel?  Playing against other Clubs starts at U9.  This means 1 week you are at HOME and the next week you will be scheduled against another Club on their field.  

How often and when do we practice?  U5 – U8 usually practices once a week.  Typically Boys practice on Mondays or Wednesdays and Girls practice on Tuesdays or Thursdays. U5 – U8 begin practice outdoors and then can move into a designated gym time.  Older teams stay outside.  Older teams (U9 and above) generally practice twice a week.  

Do we play in the rain?  Yes we do!  The only time you may not play is if your field has been closed.

Do we play in Tournaments?  U9 and up are allowed one paid tournament of their choice paid for by the Club.  Whether or not your child plays in a tournament is up to your coach.  Team must register and pay for the tournament and request a reimbursement from the Club.

What does my registration fee pay for?  Fees cover registration with BC  Soccer and our District, Player Insurance, Uniforms, Team and Individual photos, training for coaches and referees, tournaments, referees for games, practice and game fields, and lights for fields as well as other miscellaneous Club expenses.

Why don’t we automatically get a coach when we pay our registration fee for our child?  Coaches come from volunteers, such as you the parents, and it takes a while to organize coaches for the season.

What if I want a refund?  Refunds are available but are subject to conditions and an administration fee.  Contact to request a refund.

How do I pay with my credit card?  Click on 'Member Login" button just under logo in top left corner.  Upon logging into the registration system, you will see an "Account Balances" link on the screen.  You can go into system and pay your outstanding balance with a credit card.

How can I print my receipt?  You can print your receipt in 3 Easy Steps: Login -> Past Registrations -> Print Statement1) Login to your Blue Star Sports (formerly Bonzi) user account from (see 'Member Login' in top left-hand corner)2) On the Member Account page, click on the Past Registrations button3) Choose the appropriate season such as 2015-2016 Regular Season - PLAYERS, click on Print Statement

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