Peer Mentorship Information

What is Peer Training or Mentoring? Peer training or mentoring is a helping relationship in which an experienced person lends his or her experience, advice and encouragement to another person or group of people.

Who is RCYSC looking for? We are looking for dedicated volunteers, boys and girls, at the U15 to U18 level (aged 14 to 17) willing to give some of their personal time to assist coaches and players participating at lower levels in the Royal City Youth Soccer Club, ideally at the U6-U10 levels. RCYSC is also looking for your feedback… if you are selected as a mentor, we want to hear back from you regarding your time and experiences as a mentor.

  • Ideally, you would have a soccer background…
  • You are currently playing soccer or have played in the past couple years
  • You are currently involved in coaching soccer or have coached in the past
    couple years or you are looking at coaching in your future
  • You are looking to give back to the soccer community by teaching children
    new skills
  • You are looking to give back to the general community by motivating the same
    children so that they too will aspire to become volunteers when they are older

What do you get out of it? RCYSC sought input from the area high schools and were very happy to receive their encouragement for this program. What this means is the hours you put in with Royal City Youth Soccer can be used towards fulfilling the volunteer hour requirements for both public and private High School programs.

How does it work? Download an application form (menu item on the left) and return the completed and signed form. When accepted you'll start the program in September. A training session in early September run by the club's technical staff will set mentors on their way to becoming effective coaches who can communicate and demonstrate proper techniques to younger children.

  • Mentors can strengthen their knowledge base and improve communication skills.
  • Working with the head coach from the younger team will build a mentor's confidence in dealing with adults on a peer-to-peer level.
  • Mentors are likely to discover they can become confident leaders.
  • Mentors get great satisfaction from knowing they've made a difference in a younger player's development.

To become a mentor: Download an application form (menu item on the left) and return the completed and signed form to the club by mail (address on the left, at the top of this page). Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis and are dependent on available mentors and request from teams. Applications will be reviewed and applicants will be notified after the mentorship committee reviews each application. As the applicants to this program are minors, it is required that a parent or guardian co-signs the application. Any applicant older than 17 must complete a Police Record Check.

Mailing Address
Royal City Youth Soccer Club
#291 - 720 Sixth Street
New Westminster, BC
V3L  3C5